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Usenet Newsgroup Access - NewsDemon Uncensored and + 50 (256-Bit) SSL Connections; Select Plan. View all plans. Reliable Retention. Newsgroup retention is a measure of how long we keep a given article active on our news server for you to access. Currently we are spooling at 4357 days retention in binary newsgroups and are not expiring text newsgroups! Maximizing Astraweb Download Speeds - Newsgroup Reviews Blog Jan 09, 2017 Anyone else having trouble connecting with astraweb? : usenet Same for me using I watched my connection slow to a crawl then stop. When I tried to connect to their website it took over 10 minutes even though all of our other connections to the net were fine. It's not Comcast DNS as I'm using AT&T. There were … Configure NZBGet on All Platforms

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Special: Unlimited Usenet, Mimo Usenet Browser, VPN service, 50 connections, and SSL encryption all for $24.99 for each of the first three months!. Giganews is the best Usenet provider. Subscribers have long raved about their retention, speed, and reliability. Giganews was the first Usenet provider to exceed two years of retention, offer SSL, and have 50 connection plans. Astraweb Review - The Best Value Usenet Server There are plenty of ways connecting to Astraweb servers, if your ISP throttles (traffic shaping) Usenet you can circumvent this by using different ports or SSL encryption. Secure news servers (SSL 256 bit encryption) on ports 443 or 563.; (European servers) (U.S. servers) Review of Astraweb Usenet - Astraweb Usenet Review: The Bottom Line. Astraweb has been one of the more popular providers on the market for a long time, thanks in large part to its cheap prices (from $8 per month).. Astraweb has been in business for over 15 years which speaks for itself in the often fly-by-night Usenet industry with providers coming and going on a regular basis.. But limited features, support and